Time for a change

I sold my truck 5 years ago and have been walking or riding my bike since. And as I wander around enjoying the fresh air and sunshine, I started looking at the faces of people riding in cars and realized very few of them looked happy. I think living a simple, uncluttered life is the real key to happiness. We need to get away from all these big autos and enjoy bikes, mopeds, golf carts and small cars for the long trips. Destress  your-self, get away from car payments, car insurance, car taxes, and the cost of maintenance. I am not talking about total elimination of high powered transportation, just an 80% reduction. HAVE A GREAT DAY GETTING AROUND SLOWLY. PEACE!!!!


2 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. What great observations you offer! While I can’t (yet) give up my car entirely because of my job obligations, I’ve been making an effort to run my errands on foot when possible and I’ve noticed some of the profound differences you describe here — most importantly, how my mind slows down when my body is moving at a more meditative pace. Peace to you too, and best wishes for a wonderful day!


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